Garden Works

Garden walls to patio areas, we can help you design your ideal garden and create a real Outdoor Living Space

At RBS Builders we know your outside living space is an important part of family life. Additions such as patios, pathways and garden walls can ensure you are maximising your opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors!

As the love affair with our gardens continues to thrive, this outdoor area is for many homeowners an extension of their living space. Our expert garden services can help to create the ideal outdoor living space that you dream of, whether you are looking for a particular type of landscape gardening or garden maintenance that can improve the look and feel of your outdoor zone.

For expert garden services Edinburgh residents or those based in all Border towns should get in touch to see how we can turn garden dreams into reality. We fully appreciate and understand how important your outdoor living space is, and as such we can work with your aspirations to create the kind of garden that you desire within your budget.

This could involve adding a new patio or garden paving area so that you can host dinner parties or impromptu barbecues in the summer. It could include creating landscaped pathways that wind from the house through your garden to create a stylish focal point or functional walkway. Perhaps you want a raised section of your garden, in which case our garden services could include incorporating steps or a sloped area.

We also understand that our customers want their gardens to offer an element of security and privacy, so our services also include the construction of walls to suit your requirements. Garden walls can be included as part of a landscaped theme and can really add a focal point to a garden. Many people use the walls in their garden to incorporate planting or outdoor artwork, for instance.

For maintenance garden services, Edinburgh residents or those in the Border region should consider us first and foremost if they need general repairs and upgrading to any existing features in their garden. We are on hand to fix any element of your outdoor space, whether you have cracks in your pavement or slabs, a wall that needs some tender loving care or a drainpipe on your garage or shed building that no longer works effectively.

If you are looking for professional garden services that can make the most of your outdoor space and allow your design ideas or dreams to flourish within your budget, then we have the skills and knowledge to do this. We only use the best materials and work to the highest of standards so that your desired garden will look fantastic for a long time to come.